About Counselling


How do you choose an appropriate counsellor for you. Much is in the relationship between the counsellor and the client.

Come for an initial session to decide for yourself if I am the right counsellor for you.


Counselling can help you make sense of what’s happening, help you find your own solutions, and develop more effective ways of coping, and feel more confident. It is freeing to talk things over with a trained professional.

Some people come to therapy for help with a particular issue, such as a work related issue, a relationship difficulty, low self-confidence, depression, anxiety, stress or bereavement.

Others use therapy to help them understand and make sense of their childhood and life patterns.

Counselling is not advice-giving.  A counsellor will not judge you or tell you what to do.


Some clients want just a few sessions on a specific issue. Others choose to work over a period of time to change long established patterns, behaviours and thought processes.


Reviews can take place regularly to check you are getting what you want out of the sessions.


I work with any issue, and this includes :

Relationships/marriages – as a couple or as an individual

affairs, betrayal, divorce, separation, step family adjustment, family issues, friendships

All relationships have their moments and struggles. Some couples use sessions to understand what is going

wrong and many find a new way of working well together. Others are helped to separate amicably

Stress – family, home and work related

Anxiety, panic attacks, including OCD [obsessive compulsive disorder]

Confidence building, assertiveness skills, and emotional difficulties

Life changes – or feeling stuck, isolated, lost, resentful, out of control of your life

Loss, bereavement

Anger and Conflict – how to handle your frustrations and anger more effectively

Survivors of Abuse – emotional, sexual, childhood


Eating and Weight worries

Ex-boarders – many who were sent away are still struggling with the effects of their boarding experience


Relationships / couples / marriage issues

Anxiety and confidence building


Parental support and guidance –Your own Supernanny !

Boarding School Syndrome

I wrote an article on Boarding School Syndrome and why its becoming more of a problem. Click the link below to read the full article



“A professional, caring, non-judgemental nature let me feel confident to explore some
very deep issues….I can not put into words how much this has helped me”

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