About Parent Support

How would you like your own Parents’ Toolbox  – full of super nanny skills !


Being a parent is the most difficult job – why do we struggle alone when we could have help?

We ask for help when our car/computer/washing machine is not working well, but it seems harder when it is about our family !

when you are worried about your child’s behaviour, friendships, sibling rivalry, your child at school

if you are struggling with the transition to living with a teenager

when you feel your child/children are not listening to you

when you think you have tried everything

when you feel unsupported by other adults in your life


It is often just a small tweak that reduces the tension in the home, and keeps the fun in the family.

These tweaks in handling situations can make a huge difference

I build on parents’ skills, working with parents/carers of all aged children

I help parents re-think how to get their message across effectively

I offer strategies – a Toolbox – on how to handle unacceptable and challenging behaviour

I encourage a positive approach and language which leaves us feeling better even when external factors have not yet changed.
I give parents skills to help their teenagers with the frustrations they encounter in life

I help parents when problems arise from separation, divorce and step-family life

I run WORKSHOPS on different themes, including these:

Ten Tips for Maximising Co-operation and Self Esteem

Getting the Best out of your Child

Raising Self Esteem

Dealing with Challenging Behaviour

Effective Discipline for Everyday

Morning Mayhem

Bedtime Battles

Living with a Teenager

Anger Management

Sibling Rivalry

Positive Communication Techniques

Transition to High School


“A professional, caring, non-judgemental nature let me feel confident to explore some
very deep issues….I can not put into words how much this has helped me”

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